Morocco: over 100 Hirak protesters released following royal pardon

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Image: Mohamed Mouha

On June 4, King Mohammed VI pardoned 60 protesters jailed for the mass Hirak Rif protests in 2016 and 47 for the Hirak Jerada protests in 2017. The royal pardon was granted on the grounds that they did not commit violence or grave acts during those events. The Hirak protests, triggered by the tragic death of fish vendor Mohcine Fikri in 2016, highlighted the deprivation and neglect of Morocco’s marginalised regions, calling for basic economic and social rights. The repression of these social movements by the authorities was particularly violent.

During a mission in Morocco in February 2019, FIDH systematically raised the release of protesters with the Moroccan authorities, and engaged them on the fundamental issues of economic and social rights underpinning the protest movements. The release of a number of protesters is a welcome first step, however Moroccan authorities should release all people detained for having peacefully claimed their legitimate rights, while addressing the political, social and economic roots of such protest movements. FIDH will continue to monitor and work to ensure that Morocco upholds its national, regional and international human rights commitments, including the implementation of economic, social and cultural rights, as well as respect for freedoms of assembly, movement and association.

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