European Parliament study builds on FIDH report on human rights in disputed entities

The European Parliament published in May 2016 a study on ’The frozen conflicts of the EU’s Eastern neighbourhood and their impact on the respect of human rights’.

Mr Ion Manole, Director of the FIDH league in Moldova Promo-Lex, had presented the FIDH report ’Assessing Human Rights Protection in Eastern European Conflict and Disputed Entities’, which fed into the EP study. The interest of the European Parliament in the matter already took the shape of a hearing in 2015 on the same subject.

The European Parliament study shares the same concerns and considerations as the FIDH report. It notably prioritises access to remedy for victims of human rights violations as a major axis of action the EU should prioritise with regards to the so called frozen conflicts. It also insists on the necessity to better support the local civil societies, including in their role as monitors of the human rights situations — another focus of the FIDH Report.

FIDH and its leagues will remain active on this issue at the EU level, to promote these recommendations in EP debates and actions of the EU diplomacy.

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