EP resolution highlights importance of human rights provisions in trade agreements

(Brussels, July 5, 2016) In a resolution adopted today, the European Parliament (EP) acknowledged the importance of human rights wording in all trade agreements concluded by the European Union (EU). FIDH briefed Members of the European Parliament to make the protection of human rights a key aspect of EU trade agreements. This commitment is paramount to ensure EU trade agreements become an opportunity for human rights rather than a source of violations and impediments.

Taking up these concerns, the EP namely calls on the European Commission to genuinely take into account the Human rights Sustainability Impact Assessment carried out. Mostly, the resolution highlights the need for both a monitoring mechanism of the human rights clause’s implementation and an effective human rights remedy system in all trade agreements. The EP upholds need for corporate social responsibility (CSR) for EU companies – including in their supply chain – with also a specific mention for clothing and extractive industries. It calls on the Commission to take up its effort to ensure compliance with CSR commitments through investigations, transparency and the creation of a CSR dialogue platform.

Those themes and improvements being key priorities of FIDH’s advocacy, the European Parliament’s resolution is a great step forward

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