Special Criminal Court officially created

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On 3 June 2015, the Head of State of the Transition, Catherine Samba Panza, promulgated a law on the creation, organisation and functioning of the Special Criminal Court (CPS) and in so doing confirmed the determination of the national authorities, and the National Transition Council supported by the international community to launch a real struggle against impunity and for a truth, justice and reconciliation process. This was confirmed at the National Forum in Bangui in May 2015. The process was initiated in April 2014 with the creation of the Special Investigation Unit (CSEI) and then further developed in August 2014 with the agreement between the transition government and the United Nations on the creation of the Special Criminal Court, which should, working with the CAR judiciary and the International Criminal Court (ICC), contribute to putting an end to the impunity that is commonplace in CAR.

FIDH, together with 23 CAR and international human rights organisations [1] have made tremendous efforts to get the CPS created.

The special court will investigate and prosecute those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Central African Republic since the beginning of 2003.
FIDH and its member and partner organisations urge the international community to staunchly support the CAR authorities in the rapid establishment of an effective court, especially by appointing magistrates, finding premises and ensuring adequate funding.

Read: on the FIDH site – joint press release 24 April 2015 “New Special Criminal Court: A Key Step Toward Justice"

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