Burundi: the UN dispatches an urgent investigating mission

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In a special session held on 17 December 2015, the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution requesting the High Commissioner to urgently dispatch an investigating mission to Burundi.

The mission will work on the basis of a broad mandate allowing it to document violations, identify those responsible and formulate recommendations, including on the fight against impunity and transitional justice. This resolution follows that adopted by the Council on 2 October, and contributes to UN and regional efforts to prevent a further deterioration of the situation and return to civil war in the country.

FIDH has been raising alarm, urging the international community, and the UN, in particular, to take urgent, coordinated action with regard to Burundi. Last November, FIDH coordinated the drafting of a call on member and observer states of the Human Rights Council to hold a special session with a view to enhancing the Council’s capacity to investigate and report on Burundi, as part of an effort to increase international pressure on the Bujumbura authorities.

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