Freedom and Equality - 60 Years of Struggle for Human Rights

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How did the concept of Human Rights evolve, in what context? What obstacles did it encounter? What are the battles won and those still to be won? What is the situation with regard to the struggle for fundamental human rights at the dawn of the third millennium?

These are the questions to which this book attempts to provide answers, based on the historical events experienced since 1948 which have placed man at the heart of our societies. It also opens the debate on some of the critical issues of tomorrow, such as genetics, public security, the freedom of expression, the diminishing influence of public power, the role of religions etc., all commented by well-known figures such as Robert Badinter, Barbara Hendrix, Mary Robinson, Stéphane Hessel, Jane Birkin and others.

This book has been compiled with the gratuitous contribution of the photographers of Magnum Photos. In paying tribute to these sixty years of struggle throughout all continents, this book presents an overview of a key period in the history of Human Rights.

(The book is only available in French.)

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