Summary of the service
Consultancy for the organization of the FIDH Congress from 23 to 27 October 2022 in Paris, France
Objectives of the Consultancy
Support on the organization of the congress to allow an inclusive process of the connected participants - including the members of FIDH not able to travel, including :
1. Support to the organization team (conceptualization of the Forum and internal congress)
2. Technical assistance for the research and implementation of digital tools (such as an event platform),
3. Support to the coordination and follow-up of the event implementation,
4. Feedback to improve future editions
Location of the mission
can be in person (Paris, France) or remotely.
Digital (covering Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Maghreb and Middle East)
Referent within the FIDH
Ms. Audrey Couprie (Congress coordinator)
Period of the mission
From May 2 to October 27, 2022
Total duration of the consultancy
Number of days to be estimated

I - Presentation of the FIDH

The FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights) is an international human rights NGO.
Since 1922, FIDH has been committed to the defense of all civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What are our mission and our actions?

We bring human rights to the attention of the international community wherever they need to be supported and protected. Our member organizations are present at the national and local levels and work together to expose human rights violations, hold duty bearers accountable and advocate for societal change.

What makes us unique/value added?

With more than 192 member organizations working in 117 countries across five continents, we are the oldest international human rights organization.
We are here to unite all those who fight for a more just world.

How do we make a difference?

We alert the international community to human rights wherever they need to be respected, protected and enforced.
We provide support to strengthen our network of human rights defenders and civil society organizations. We stand together so that each member can speak with a strong and determined voice for universal rights within our international federation.
We investigate where human rights are violated and provide reliable and verifiable evidence for decision-makers to act, based on documentation of facts and accountability.
We use our research and analysis to urge governments, legislators and companies to uphold international human rights law. We raise public awareness of key issues to encourage change based on justice, social and environmental rights, equality, inclusiveness and respect for the freedoms of all people.
We demand that governments recognize the human rights obligations of economic actors and enshrine them in law so that those who violate human rights can be prosecuted.

II- Context of the project: The FIDH Congress

Every three years, the FIDH organizes its international congress to which representatives of all 192 member organizations of the FIDH are invited.
The last three congresses were held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2013, Johannesburg, South Africa in 2016, Taipei, Taiwan in 2019. The 41st FIDH Congress will be held in Paris, France from October 23 to 28, 2022.
A symbolic moment, marking 100 years of history and citizen struggles for the defense of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, this Congress will be an event resolutely turned towards the future and taking into consideration the current challenges of the universal fight for the respect of human rights.
A unique moment dedicated above all to the member organizations of our federation, the Congress will include three events. The first will be the FIDH Centenary Ceremony, celebrating the anniversary of FIDH. This will take place on October 23, 2022 at the Hôtel de Ville de Paris, in the physical or digital presence of FIDH member organizations, high French authorities, foreign diplomatic representations, European and international institutions and local and regional civil society. The second will be open to representatives of the authorities, intergovernmental organizations, the diplomatic corps and civil society in the host region. It will allow member organizations to exchange and share their experiences and, together, to develop solutions to the violations they witness and to adapt their strategies to the changing human rights context. In 2022, this Open Forum will focus on the issue of universalism and on the appropriation or reappropriation of rights by citizens. Finally, the third time of this Congress is the internal congress devoted to the governance of the movement and more particularly to the definition of new political and strategic orientations, to the examination of the situation of the members, or to the election of its governing bodies.
During the events of this Congress, these activists meet each other, learn from each other and draw the necessary strength to pursue their struggle: all rights for all.

The FIDH Congress is divided into three parts:
1 - The Centenary Ceremony: Anniversary and political highlight of the FIDH
2 - The FIDH Forum: an event open to the public on human rights issues in the world
3 - The FIDH Internal Congress: open to FIDH members only


The Centenary Ceremony will take place in a hybrid format, i.e. in person in Paris (250 people) but with the remote participation of its member organizations and other guests (100 to 200 connected people). (100 to 200 people connected)

The Forum and the internal Congress will be held in Paris:
- The Forum will take place on October 24, 2022 in the salons of the Hôtel de Ville de Paris
- The internal Congress will take place on October 25, 26 and 27 at the Novotel Paris Est (Porte de Bagnolet)


Due to the constraints of international travel, health situations and serious security contexts in many countries, many people will not make the trip to physically participate in the congress. In addition, connectivity in some countries where FIDH member organizations operate is very complicated. It is imperative that the proposed tools and technology take this into account. Moreover, FIDH is committed to a digital transformation that will allow it to continue to work and communicate in better conditions with and between its members around the world.

In order to allow as many people as possible to participate in the events of the FIDH Congress from a distance, FIDH has decided to engage in a hybrid process for the organization of its Forum and its internal Congress.

III - Logistical elements

The Centenary Ceremony
The Centennial Ceremony is not concerned by this call for tenders.

The FIDH Forum
The Forum is a time of connection, experience sharing and solution building between members of the international civil society (FIDH members and partners), actors of the international community (representatives of regional and international institutions, international human rights protection mechanisms, representatives of the International Criminal Court, etc.), state representatives.

Four round tables will be held one after the other in the main room (approximately 300 people in the room)

In parallel, in a second room, smaller discussions will be organized. (about 30-50 people in the room)

Different formats could be considered.

The Internal Congress
The internal congress of the FIDH is only open to the members of the FIDH and the staff of the International Secretariat (IS). It takes place over 3 days with statutory times, strategic times and convivial times
Some important moments :
- Six geographical meetings (3-4 hours) (between 20 and 50 participants per meeting)
- Statutory plenary meetings (4 times of 1 to 2 hours) (About 150 people)
- Plenary meetings on specific themes (1 to 2 hours) (150 people)
- An electronic vote to elect the new international board - not concerned by this call for tender
- Moments of conviviality and exchange

The sessions of the Forum and the Internal Congress will be interpreted in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian):
- A service provider will provide the interpreting equipment
- A team of volunteer professional interpreters will provide the interpretation

IV - Mission

The consultant(s) will be responsible for the following mission:
- Support to the organization team (conceptualization of the Forum and internal congress)
- Technical assistance for the research and implementation of digital tools (event platform),
- Support to the coordination and follow-up of the event implementation,
- Feedback to improve future editions

V - Organization of the consulting mission

The follow-up is ensured by the person in charge of the organization of the Congress, in connection with the coordination team of the Congress as well as the General Management, the direction of the advocacy, the direction of the Communication and the person in charge of the IT service.
The consultants must be available for the monthly or weekly follow-up of their mission (ensured by the congress steering committee - monthly or weekly)
The consultants must take into account the FIDH requirements in terms of confidentiality of exchanges and security of data and participants in the Congress events.

VI - Selection procedure

1. Understanding of the needs
2. Proposed methodology
3. Experience in similar assignments (to be indicated in the technical and financial bid)
4. Experience with NGOs or global networks
5. Relevance of the financial proposal

Desired Skills and Experience

The ideal consultant will have the following skills and competencies:

Advice and guidance and IT support
- Proven experience, supported by a portfolio, in organizing and/or supporting
large virtual events and conferences;
- Strong technical skills in online event production and event delivery on social media platforms.
- Advanced understanding of online platforms and features, e.g. registration, travel management and tracking using polls and surveys, interpreter mode, chat box and Q&A, etc.
- Good interpersonal and communication skills;
- Excellent written English; fluency in French and Spanish;
- Experience working with NGOs and understanding of human rights issues would be a real asset.

VII. Response to the Call for Proposals

The consultant must send in writing
- an expression of interest including the technical and financial offer of less than 1,000 words, explaining their interest in this project and providing details of their previous experience in remote conferencing platforms and/or in organizing and supporting the organization of large online virtual events;
- The technical bid must include the team and lead consultant with CV,
- the technical offer can include a low and high estimate of the duration (number of days anticipated)
- the price must be inclusive of tax (non-negotiable) and must specify a daily rate and the number of days required to complete the mission,
- offers to be sent by email before : Monday 25 April 2022
- by email to the following address: "consultancy - FIDH 2022 Centenary Ceremony" in the subject.
- desired start date of the consultancy : May 2, 2022
Only selected candidates will be contacted

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