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(Bangkok Post, 24/09/2015) Rights groups urge UN states to rap Prayut

(New York Times, 30/09/2015) Global Court Takes Up Case of Cultural Crimes in Mali

(The Guardian, 29/10/2015) Raif Badawi wins EU’s Sakharov human rights prize

(Myanmar Times, 4/11/2015) Parties rate poorly on human rights commitments

(Thomson Reuters Foundation, 4/11/2015) Syria: No Word on Activist’s Whereabouts

(Bangkok Post, 4/11/2015) Rohingya ’excluded’ from Myanmar election contest

(International Business Times, 4/12/15) Rwanda genocide: French officers deny failure to protect Tutsis during Operation Turquoise

(The Local, 3/12/15) States of emergency may have no time limits

(The Globe and Mail, 17/12/2015) African Union to send 5,000 troops to Burundi on ‘prevention and protection mission’

On The Media (27/11/2015) France’s (Latest) Patriot Act

DW - Daily News Egypt (11/01/2016) France’s civil libertarians alarmed by emergency powers

PRI (30/11/2015) France bans marches, but climate activists make their voices heard

Free Speach Radio News (20/11/2015) Despite ban on rallies, thousands demonstrate in Paris ahead of global climate change forum

RFI (14/01/2016) Gbagbo-Blé-Goudé trial ’will generate huge interest in divided Cote d’Ivoire’

(The Phnom Penh Post, 25/01/2016) Groups urge Kerry to demand gov’t reforms

(International Business Times, 26/01/2016) Attacks against human rights defenders symbolic of ’eve of new war’, warns FIDH

(AFP, 27/01/2016) Danish anti-immigrant party expects further migrant curbs

(Irish Times, 28/01/2016)‘New chapter’ as France and Iran reach trade agreements

(SABC, 28/01/2016) Laurent Gbagbo pleads not guilty

(The Verge, 29/01/2016) France’s anti-terrorism laws leave Muslims in a state of fear

(Media Part, 20/01/2016) Iran : la bombe à retardement des violations des droits de l’Homme

(International Business Times, 3/2/2016) African Union Summit 2016: In Burundi, A Loss Of Faith In Peace

(Euractiv, 4/02/2016) Belarus opposition leader: Lukashenko is fooling the West, like Ceausescu

(Al-Monitor, 9/2/2016) Mystery surrounds killing of Italian scholar in Egypt

(The Malaysian Insider, 10/2/2016) Shame on Putrajaya for keeping Anwar behind bars, say human rights bodies

(New York Times, 26/02/2016) Rights Group Decries Abuse of Thai Lese Majeste Law

(Bangkok Post, 27/02/2016) New report spurs call for reform of lese majeste law

(The Japan Times, 28/02/2016) U.N. war crimes court gets Timbuktu monuments case

(RTL, 21/03/2016) ICC to hand down verdict against DRCongo ex-leader

(The Guardian, 21/03/2016) Congo politician guilty in first ICC trial to focus on rape as a war crime

(BBC News, 21/03/2016) Jean-Pierre Bemba: DR Congo ex-warlord guilty of war crimes

(Voice of America, 23/03/2016) Vietnamese Blogger Sentenced for Allegedly Anti-Government Posts

(Bangkok Post, 06/04/2016) Rights groups slam military arrest powers

(VICE News, 07/04/2016) Thailand Is in Danger of Becoming an Established Military Dictatorship

(New Age, 08/04/2016) Police wounding journalist in Bhola concerns rights bodies

(EUobserver, 14/04/2016) EU visit to Iran designed to reassure banks

(Mail & Guardian, 22/04/2016) Burundi conflict: A timeline of how the country reached crisis point

(International Business Times, 22/04/2016) Gambia government repression ’could degenerate into pre-election violence’ warns FIDH

(International Business Times, 26/04/2016) Burundi crisis one year on: As many as 1,500 dead as international community shuts its eyes

(Bangkok Post, 01/05/2016) Somyot’s lengthy detention takes a toll on his family

(Huffington Post, 05/05/2016) Sudan Regime Fears Students Will Recover What It Stole

(The Sun Daily, 18/05/2016) Rights groups concerned over 12 detained Sudan students

(Euractiv, 20/05/2016) EU to Thailand : ‘Free and fair elections’ or face consequences

Al Jazeera, 06/06/2016, Laos cracks down on social media critics

Anadolu Agency, 06/06/2016, Rights group demands Laos release detained activists

(BBC, 21/06/2016) Focus on Africa

Myanmar Times, 13/07/2016, Rights groups give NLD poor marks on party’s ‘100 days’ record

(Latin American Herald Tribune, 29/07/2016) NGO Urges Indonesia to Halt Execution of 14 Drug Traffickers

(New York Times, 21/08/2016) Timbuktu Mausoleum Destruction Suspect Set to Plead Guilty

RFA, 22/09/2016, Vietnamese Court Rejects Appeal, Sends Blogger Back to Prison

Bangkok Post, 23/09/2016, Government pledges to UN fall short

(RFI, 28/09/2016) Seven years after Conakry stadium massacre: time to close the investigation & hold trial

(New York Times, 27/09/2016) Prison Sentence Over Smashing of Shrines in Timbuktu: 9 Years

(The Guardian, 12/10/2016) Belarus resumes executions after EU sanctions dropped

(BBC, 14/10/2016) Nicaragua canal scheme ’must be dropped’

(RFI, 15/10/2016) Burundi seeking to hide crimes from the world: rights groups

(Reuters, 27/10/2016) French judge to investigate disappearance of Franco-Syrians in Syria

(New York Times, 04/11/2016) Rights Group: EU Must Act, Hungarian Govt Harms Rule of Law

(L’Orient le jour, 04/11/2016) L’UE doit sévir contre la Hongrie, préconise la FIDH

(New York Times, 15/11/2016) Rights Group Urges Troops for Burundi to Prevent Genocide

(Bloomberg, 27/01/2017) Abandoned S. Africa Mine a ‘Catastrophe,’ Rights Group Say)

(India, 26/11/17) "Rights groups urge Pakistan not to deport Turkish nationals"

(Jurist, 2/11/17) "The ICC Post-Withdrawal Jurisdiction on Burundi"

(News4Europe, 3/11/17) "HRW calls for immediate release of political prisoners in Vietnam"

(Malaysiakini, 6/11/17) "Malaysia must release Anwar "

(Pulse, 9/11/17) ICC opens full probe into alleged crimes in Burundi unrest

(DailyMail, 9/11/17) Calls for action after Myanmar land rights activist beaten to death

(DW, 13/11/17) Two years after Bataclan terrorist attacks France ’must forget’

(Pulse, 9/11/17) ICC opens full probe into alleged crimes in Burundi unrest

(CommonDreams, 16/11/17) Human Rights & Aid Groups Welcome UN Peacekeeper Boost for CAR

(RFI, 22/11/17), Ratko Mladic genocide rulings stir mixed reactions

(Los Angeles Sentinel, 23/11/17), International Court to Seek Reparations for Thousands of African War Victims

(Access Now, 24/11/17), European Parliament adopts strong position on surveillance export controls to protect human rights

CNN (03/12/18) The world simply shrugs at Russian aggression

The world simply shrugs at Russian aggression

As we approach the Russian elections, this is what’s happening on the inside