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What is a bequest?

It is the free transfer of one or several possessions of the deceased, through a will /testament created in his/her lifetime that takes effect after their death.

What is a gift ?

It is a contract through which the donor gives away his/her property irrevocably during his/her lifetime, with no compensation, the donee, who is consenting.
An association can receive a legacy or gift on the condition that it is recognised as being a public interest organisation under french law.

How to make a bequest to the FIDH?

You can contact the Fundraising Team at or +33 1 43 55 76 56.

For example, in 1988 the FIDH received a legacy from the author, Michel Leiris, which enabled it to acquire its head office at Passage de la Main d’Or in Paris.

Michel Leiris

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