Lecture series: Human rights of the future, the future of human rights


FIDH is joining forces with the Institute of public law studies (IEDP) of the University of Sceaux Paris-Saclay, the University of Paris Panthéon Sorbonne, the Law Clinic of Geneva, and the University of Geneva for a series of panel discussions. This rich programme, with events from 30 March to 10 December, is dedicated to the human rights of the future.

Climate change, growing inequalities, threats to democracy and to our personal data: the challenges of this new century are already here.

"Can the law save humanity by protecting the climate and eradicating poverty? It is this striking question posed by Diane Roman in her latest book (La cause des droits, Ecologie, progrès social et droits humains, Dalloz, 2022) that inspires us to hold this series of panel discussions in honour of FIDH’s centenary.

FIDH warmly thanks the IEDP of Sceaux — especially Karine Abderemane, lecturer in public law at the Jean Monnet Faculty (Law, Economics, Management) - Paris-Saclay University. Florence Bellivier, professor of private law and criminal sciences at the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, also helped spearhead the organisation of this series.

Under their leadership, this programme brings together renowned academics and practitioners from all over the world, including FIDH experts.

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