FIDH lends its support to ‘Le Chant des Hommes’ (Rising Voices)

Screening and debate on Thursday February 4, 2016 at 19:00 at the Cinéma Galeries in Brussels with the directors.

The debate will centre on ‘The struggle migrants face for their rights, both in Belgium and at the borders of Europe’


  • Dan Van Raemdonck, Secretary General, FIDH
  • Eva M. Jiménez Lamas, in charge of Action for Undocumented and Documented Migrant Workers, CSC (trade union) Brussels-Hal-Vilvorde (member of CIRÉ)
  • Saïd Elouizi, undocumented activist for migrants’ rights
  • Valérie Michaux, Campaign and Communication Coordinator for Amnesty Belgium


They are Moktar, Najat, Joseph, Gernaz, Duraid, Hayder, Kader, Esma… They fled Syria, Irak, Iran, the Congo, Morocco, Niger… Together, they decided to occupy a church. They will risk their lives to try and obtain legal documents. The countdown starts, along with the battle of wills. Inside, Kader has taken the lead but comes and goes in secret. Esma takes on the task of organising community life. Exhaustion sets in, tensions flare. But the bonds that are created get stronger. Between treasons and friendships, the group will be sorely tested.

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