FIDH lends its support to Ixcanul (Volcano) by Jayro Bustamante

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PREMIERE at Cinéma Vendome in Brussels on Monday November 23, 2015 at 19:30

Official release date : 25/11/2015, distributed by Cinéart

In the film Ixcanul, director Jayro Bustamante tells the story of a young Mayan girl, Maria, who longs to escape the destiny of an arranged marriage that awaits her within her small village. She lives on a farm with her parents and lives a very modest life. This film subtly highlights the differences that exist between her family and those from the big city, speaking to the larger problem that is present between those of Mayan culture and those outside it. It highlights the struggle of communication and understanding, which poses grave problems for Maria’s family.

Ixcanul is a spirited film that authentically exposes the lives of Mayan individuals. It underlines some of their traditions, customs, and way of life. Bustamante emphasises nature within the film, but also with the film’s title. Often, members of the Mayan culture give offerings to the volcano, or Ixcanul, with hopes of acquiring fortune and good health. 

The film encompasses the story of Maria in a very raw and real way. Bustamante captures the harsh reality that individuals face when they are put in situations which they cannot manage to explain. He voices the reality of his country, the separation of cultures, and highlights issues that linger in Guatemalan society through the lens of one family.

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