FIDH awards its prize to the film "EXIT" by Karen Winther at the Festival des Libertés

Press release
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With Exit, Norwegian filmmaker Karen Winther takes us on a personal journey exploring her extremist past. It seeks to understand what can push us to join extremist groups, be they left wing, right wing or Islamist. She questions with sensitivity "deradicalized" people from several countries that have taken the difficult, even sometimes dangerous, step out of the world of violent extremism.
To leave is never simple nor easy.

Exit is an intense and moving documentary that asks simple and yet fascinating questions: How can "de-radicalized" persons leave behind a past of hatred and violence? How do they deal with the violence that shaped them, often in their youth? How do they find the courage to face others and look them in the eye?

We congratulate Karen Winther for making this journey and for allowing us to confront these issues with her.

EXIT: Leaving Extremism Behind TRAILER 2018 from Sant & Usant documentary film on Vimeo.

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