Brussels: Film screening & debate “Born in Syria” at the Festival des Libertés

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A film by Hernan Zin
Spain | 2016 | 86 min.
When: 23 October at 19:00
Where: Théâtre National, Bd Emile Jacqmain 111-115 - 1000 Brussels
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The screening will be followed by a discussion with Dan Van Raemdonck, FIDH Secretary General.

In Born in Syria, director Hernan Zin takes us along the tortuous path of a refugee viewed through the lens of Syrian children. The documentary follows several children and their families fleeing war and trauma as they undertake the perilous journey to Europe where they then face a myriad of challenges. From complex webs of bureaucracy to chaotic and squalid camps to post-war trauma, Zin illustrates the obstacles these children must overcome in their struggle to find a stable, safe place to stay. Through Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands… each child delivers his or her perspective with a unique straight-forwardness that cuts to the heart of their tragic predicament. During their journey, they come across Europeans, some of whom welcome them with uplifting acts of kindness and others who treat them with saddening indifference. Too often, the refugee crisis is reduced to a series of numbers, or simply an abstract problem to be dealt with. In drawing attention to the children impacted by the refugee crisis, Zin emphasizes the quality that seems to be most lacking in today’s conversations about these refugees: their humanity.

Born in Syria // Trailer FDL 2017 from BRUXELLES LAIQUE on Vimeo.

Born in Syria is playing on 23 October at 19:00 at the Théâtre National.

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