FIDH welcomes new CEO, Eléonore Morel

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FIDH is pleased to welcome Eléonore Morel as its new Chief Executive Officer.

“Today marks a significant milestone in the history of FIDH, as we welcome the latest addition to our ranks, Eléonore Morel, as head of the International Secretariat. Drawing on its distinguished past, our organisation must now look to the future in a world where attacks on human rights are ever more numerous. Eléonore will take inspiration from this past to consolidate FIDH’s achievements, reaffirm its special place in the field of human rights and foster a dynamism in keeping with our identity and our vision"

Dimitris Christopoulos, FIDH President

Eléonore Morel is an activist who has taken a leading role in supporting refugees and victims of torture and in fighting human rights violations through her work with Children of the Mekong, ILO, UNICEF, Penal Reform International, ACAT-France and, latterly, the Primo Levi Centre in Paris where she was CEO. She has substantial experience of human rights in Africa, Latin America, South Asia and Europe.

Her professional experience, commitment to human rights and human and managerial qualities are key assets in the task of driving FIDH forward, steering its International Secretariat and directing its activities, so that a creative and appropriate response is provided to the needs of member organisations and the increasing number of obstacles faced by the human rights movement in defending the rule of law.

"As attacks on human rights increase across the world, human rights organisations are demonstrating resilience, resistance and an ability to fight back in support of victims. I am honoured to assume my role in the service of these organisations and in support of their movement for a fairer world"

Eléonore Morel

Working closely with the International Board and the entire FIDH team of staff and volunteers, Eléonore Morel will lead the organisation in its next phase as it develops its Secretariat and prepares for its 2019 Congress and 2022 centenary celebrations.

She will take up post on 24 September 2018.

We are delighted that Eléonore Morel has accepted the opportunity to devote her considerable talents to working for FIDH, an organisation which remains resolute, committed and focused on the future.

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