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Burma / Total
4 July 2005

Total pollutes democracy - stop TOTALitarianism in Burma

- This report demonstrates that the evidence, the business interests of Total

and community expectations point to only one possible solution : Total must

withdraw from Burma. It must stop providing direct political and fi nancial

support to the military regime. To remain in Burma is to be complicit in the

ongoing human rights violations that are taking place in the country, to ignore

the express wishes of the democratically elected opposition parties and to place

profi t above all forms of corporate social responsibility. The Total investment in

Burma represents signifi cant risks for its business and its corporate reputation.

- Furthermore, Total must fully and in good faith compensate all the victims

of human rights violations perpetrated by Army personnel who were engaged

to secure the pipeline area.

- Total must also consider the adequacy of both its Ethical Guidelines, which

are applied in Burma and its other countries of operation and its Total E&P

Myanmar Code of Conduct2. These guidelines should be expanded to comply

with the UN Norms and should have cogent and independent monitoring

mechanisms to ensure that an objective assessment is made of Total’s compliance,

at regular intervals.
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